Saint Nicholas Dear Holy Man

Saint Nicholas dear holy man!
Wear your best robe if you can.
Then you ride to Amsterdam.
From Amsterdam to Spain you go,
Where the orange apples grow,
Where pomegranates, as treats,
Are rolling down the streets.

Saint Nicholas, my dear old friend!
To serve you well is my intent.
Find me something you will give,
I'll serve you for as long I live.


Sancte Claus goed heylig Man!
Trek uwe beste Tabaert aen,
Reiz daer me’e na Amsterdam,
Van Amsterdam na Spanje,
Daer Appelen van Oranje,
Daer Appelen van granaten,
Die rollen door de Straaten.

Sancte Claus, myn goede Vriend!
Ik heb U allen tyd gedient,
Wille U my nu wat geven,
Ik zal U dienen alle myn Leven.

December 6, 1810, Alexander Anderson, distributed woodcuts with an ancient Dutch Saint Nicholas song at the annual meeting of the New York Historical Society, funded by John PintardThe woodcut preserves the only complete historical record of the old song "Sinterklaas Goedheilig man".  The song had been procured from a lady 87 years of age.  The woodcut includes a translation into English that I do not consider very adequate.  I therefore propose the alternative translation above.

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